Service Schedule:

Sundays, 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist
& Sunday school

5:00 p.m.
La Santa Eucaristia (Misa)

Office hours: 
Sun & Thurs
4:30-6:30 p.m.

(401) 461-3142


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The Church of the Transfiguration
The Episcopal Church in Edgewood, RI
1665 Broad Street, Edgewood, RI 02905
About Church of the Transfiguration

Core Values

First Value: What We Stand For
We are a diverse Christian community who believes through acceptance, respect, and fellowship that our faith is expressed in family, our parish, and community outreach.  We value the traditions of the past and embrace change.

Second Value: Why We Exist
We are people on a journey.  We are committed to doing Christian worship, creating a whole and caring community, and seeking to serve others.

Third Value: What Sets Us Apart
We are a welcoming community of Christians, worshiping in the Anglican tradition.  We foster God's love in our community and the world by nurturing body, mind, and soul.  We pray, work, eat, and play together as members of Gods family.

Our Vision

Provide youth and Adult activities, programs, and services

Continue to provide and look for opportunities for Youth and Adult music experiences, which enhance our worship.

Improve our communications both internally and through outreach to our community.

The Rev. Dr. Michele Matott
Interior Church Maintenance: Michele Murphy
Parish Administrator: Matthew Walsh

Vestry Officers
Senior Warden: Elizabeth Anderson
Junior Warden: Orville Forbes
Clerk: Millie Santiago
Treasurer: John Kelsall
Book Keeper: Susan Ursillo

Church Committees
Building & Grounds: Shamous Ellinwood
Convention Delegates: Elizabeth Anderson, Orville Forbes
Deanery Representatives: Elizabeth Anderson, Orville Forbes
Alternate Delegates: John Kelsall, Susan Ursillo

Worship Services
Altar Flowers: Leta Shepard
Altar Guild Director: Marie Barrett
Choir Director/Organist: Rena Anthony
Greeting Coordinator: Joan Robbins
Lay Reader/Chalice Scheduler: OPEN
Ushering Coordinator: Shamous Ellinwood

Community Outreach
Thrift Shop Coordinator: Carol Casper
Food Pantry Co-Coordinators: Mary Beth O’Dell, Nancy Page


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